Two’s Cumpany – Threesome’s A Crowd Part 2


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LaSirena drags Small Hands to the bathroom so they can start fucking. But just as they’re getting into it, Kayla comes to the bathroom. After hiding Small Hands behind the shower curtain, LaSirena tries to Kayla out of the shower by initiating more hot fucking, but Small Hands can’t maintain his fucking feeling. He rips a hole out of the polka dot shower curtain, creating a glory hole where he can spy on the lesbian action. Small Hands, though, gets too turned on, and he can’t help but stick his hand, and then dick, through the opening to tease and fuck LaSirena. Although LaSirena manages to hide Small Hands’ cock by sticking it up her pussy, Kayla quickly discovers what’s going on – which turns out to be beneficial to they in the form of an intense threesome.

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Added on: December 9, 2020

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